Monday, April 28, 2008

How Much Is Twitter Worth?

So how much is it worth?

Everyone is talking about it - however no one is actually saying anything.

What is it that is worth so much or so little? At some point in time a percentage of the user base has to convert into something that pays the bills.

Heck I would be interested in understanding the business model. I've had to make enough presentations now that by about slide 5 or 6 you had better be showing someone how you are going to make money. If not it's a swing and a miss.

So back to the question - what is it worth and more importantly where's the detailed financial analysis that supports the answer?

How Much Is Twitter Worth?

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PM Hut said...

I run a Project Management website and I see that almost every PM blogger is using twitter nowadays.

My point is that from what I see, the amount of professionals using or following twitter is enormous.

I think twitter, for the moment at least, can only grow in size.

Probably the best way is to aim at the corporate market by giving exclusive access (I think there's another tool doing this, and it's already being used by some companies, I don't know how many though).