Friday, May 02, 2008

Streaming Office: Death knell for Google Apps?

Great post - talks about "Microsoft Application Virtualization (MAV)"

He's right - this will kill other HTML/XML based web app's. Office online with all the richness vs. the rest of them.

Here's a simple test - tabs... try tabbing in an online word processor. It doesn't work.

Ultimately it boils down to solving the customer need/want. At that point what's good enough? Free is one way, however it's not a sustainable business model. Therefore something that costs just a little more - yet delivers more is the way to go.

Virtualizing Office is the way to do it. What comes next is Virtualizing Windows which should have been done years ago.

Enterprise Desktop | Randall C. Kennedy | InfoWorld | Streaming Office: Death knell for Google Apps? | May 1, 2008 11:23 AM | Randall Kennedy


Danny said...

It will be a death knell but a slow one. Microsoft is going to come in too high in price to compete head on with an established low price that Google has. Those that don't mind Tab-lag will hang on until they've tasted the full MS Office experiance. But that's usually the case. Microsoft solutions are sometimes after the fact or catch-up and can be slightly higher in cost due to value-added features that we end up liking and paying for. Once MS figures out the model they will be a compelling "feature rich" option.

Stephen Kelly said...

Peepel online office supports tab :)




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